Is Twitter or Facebook Best For My Company?

Twitter or Facebook

There is no doubt that social media is a great marketing instrument for your business. As you define your social media strategy, you should pick one (or both) platforms, and then build your audience and engagement from there. It is usually recommended to master one social platform first, then move on to the next. Therefore, that leaves us with a common question we hear from small business; is Twitter or Facebook best for my company? Great question. Here is a breakdown of Twitter or Facebook to help you decide where you will receive the best ROI.


The purpose of an elevator speech is to try to sell your idea to a fellow elevator inhabitant before he reaches his destination. It must be succinct, and directly to the point without seeming forceful. This is what using Twitter is like; you have 140 characters to get your point across and you need to make every letter, space, and punctuation mark matter! Twitter is primarily used for breaking news, quick updates, and instant feedback.

Facebook works similarly to starting up a casual chat at the coffee shop. It allows for more in-depth engagement. You can share custom images, videos, create interactive pages, and offer incentives. There are no limits to how long your post can be, although there are best practices for copy and images. The bottom line is that you can offer up more information at a glance that may compel your audience to take action, as well as build brand loyalty.

Target Market

While Twitter may not have the sheer volume of numbers as Facebook, it has benefits for business in other areas. For example, almost half of monthly users follow specific brands and companies, compared to only 16% of other networks. According to Twitter, the majority of its users are 18-29 years old, and this may be attributed to the speed at which Twitter moves. Typically, younger generations like to receive and share information in bite-sized portions. It is also interesting to note that people living in bigger cities primarily use twitter. Twitter is most popular with trendy urbanites, and while it may have fewer users than Facebook, it just may come down to quality over quantity.

It is nearly impossible to compete with Facebook regarding the total number of registered users. With over 900 million daily users, it is clear that Facebook will reach more people, so it is imperative that you stand out. Ask yourself, how is your company unique and how can you use it to engage your audience and compel them to action? Slowly, Facebook’s users have been sliding away from the younger generations to an older demographic. The average age of users range from 25-45 years old. Older generations tend to enjoy the more static, deeper engaging nature of this platform.


Most people go on Twitter to find out what is going on in the news and life, in real time. If your company wants people to follow along with action while it is happening, then Twitter is your place. Also, if there is a time-sensitive notice or announcement that needs immediate action or attention, Twitter could be helpful. But, consider that once a tweet is consumed most users will move on to the next info byte. It is also important to note that because information is continually changing and updating, it may be harder to specifically target audiences as feeds are ever changing.

Many Facebook users are connecting and interacting, with the purpose of seeing what other users and their friends are up to. They may not be searching for world news, but community activity. But, consider that with a high volume of users and business, it is harder to reach your audience. Getting into the news feed is essential. And, making genuinely engaging content is key to getting your fans to follow and share your company’s posts.

In closing, it’s wise to evaluate your company and your audience. Social media is beneficial, and using a combination of both Twitter and Facebook could be a useful addition to your company’s marketing strategy. Although, you shouldn’t feel pressured to be on both. It is important to master the one you think is best for your company and clients. If you have questions about your social media strategy or if you should be on Twitter or Facebook, learn more about what Color Fire can do for you.

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